Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Big Moments

Last Friday I graduated and received my Masters in Elementary Education. It was a "big moment" in my life. I am the first female to have this honor on both sides of my family. However, the day was bittersweet. Someone was missing from this "big moment"...that person was my dad. Even Deanna, my amazingly brilliant friend, made a loving comment about my dad as she too walked the long aisle and received her masters degree.

You see, my dad was one of my biggest cheerleaders. He was not perfect but he was truly a person who loved others and believed that anyone could accomplish their goals if they worked hard. He is my hero.

I am sad that as this year progresses he won't be there to help celebrate the "big moments" but I know he would be proud. He knew the road it took to get where I am today. When the road looked bleak as I looked for a teaching job he told me not to worry I would have one. A month after he passed I got that teaching job. He would be proud that I took a stand and ended a bad marriage and lifted my head up and continued on to find the love like he had for my mother. He would have been the loudest "Way to go!" if he could have been there last Friday and in June he would have proudly walked me down the aisle as I marry a man that he would definitely approve of. But...he is missing these "big moments" and I miss him.

It is a struggle not to cry as I think of him not being here but I am blessed that one day I will see him again. Dad, I know your watching and thanks for being their for all my "big moments". Besides you have the best view! :o)