Monday, November 30, 2009

The First Thanksgiving

No, I am not talking about Native Americans and the Pilgrims. I am talking about our first Thanksgiving as a married couple. This Thanksgiving was a bit difficult for me because it did not include my mama. I thought I was okay with this until I broke down crying in her home as we fried the turkeys together. (She was headed to Little Rock with her husband.)

You see, my mama is the ultimate hostess and she has taught me all she knows about being a good hostess. So, I decided this was the year that I would host Thanksgiving and wasn't sure if I had made the right decision. My inlaws were coming along with one of my brothers making 13 people eating at our home. What was I thinking? I borrowed fall serving dishes from my personal Martha Stuart and made homemade rolls, 3 pumpkin pies (one of which exploded in the oven), 2 thirteen lbs fried turkeys, pumpkin cranberry bread, poppysee bread, green bean casserole, and a pecan pie trying to impress the new in-laws.

Well, apparently I made the right decision to host this years Thanksgiving because my new mother-in-law said to me several times it was the best Thanksgiving she had been to in a long time.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Your not my mother card

Lately we have been trying to adjust as a newly formed family. It hasn't been easy. At least not for me and my stepson. We made the decision to move out of the 2 bedroom/1 1/2 bath townhouse into a 3 bedroom/2 bath home so that we could all have a little more space to breath. It was mostly my decision because I could feel the tension mounting in that small townhouse.
So as we're unpacking and settling into the new house feelings are rising and my step son is acting out. He doesn't want to do anything I ask of him and yes he pulled out the "Your not my mother" card. My response to him was "No, I am not your mother. I don't want to be your mother because you have one. However, I am your stepmother and an adult and you will be respectful of me." I am hoping that my response was correct because it is how I feel.
How would you have handled the situation in my shoes?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

American Dream

On July 4th, 1776, America claimed her independence from Britain and our democratic country was born. People from all over the world come here to America "the land of the free and the home of the brave" to live the American Dream.

Today I lived my American Dream. I spent my and our nation's birthday with my family and friends. Beginning with having brunch on my mother's 1800's Victorian home's front porch watching an Independence Day parade with my family and closest friends to ending the day sitting next to my new husband holding hands watching the fireworks bursting in the air. Grilling out and making homemade ice cream, seeing Deanna's girls light up with sparklers in their hands, the laughter in the air mixed with smoke from the fireworks that we set off as well as their neighbors...what a heart is overwhelmed by this dream.

I now understand why my dad loved this day so much and I am so blessed to live in a nation where I can have this dream. Thanks to all who helped provide this freedom....this American Dream!

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Let Down

Think back to a Christmas in your life that you wanted something so much. You just knew that if you got it you would be extremely happy and everything in the world would be right. Then Christmas came and as you opened each of those gifts searching and hoping for this gift that you had longed for you found it! Oh the excitement, oh the joy, all was right in the world. Until you play with it or put it together and realize it was not as you expected. You go from a super high to a sad low. We've all been there.

As this past 6 months have gone by so much has been accomplished. The final products completed. I completed my masters degree and the wedding is over. Summer has actually begun for me and so has the "let down". My high is gone and my body weary. Don't get me wrong...I am glad to have completed my degree and I am married to an amazing man but the constant going, going, is now gone. I had a bitter sweet relationship with the "high" I was on but I miss it. Some people would wish, beg, and plead for this down time but me...I get a bit bored. Is it sad that I miss being busy all the time?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Big Moments

Last Friday I graduated and received my Masters in Elementary Education. It was a "big moment" in my life. I am the first female to have this honor on both sides of my family. However, the day was bittersweet. Someone was missing from this "big moment"...that person was my dad. Even Deanna, my amazingly brilliant friend, made a loving comment about my dad as she too walked the long aisle and received her masters degree.

You see, my dad was one of my biggest cheerleaders. He was not perfect but he was truly a person who loved others and believed that anyone could accomplish their goals if they worked hard. He is my hero.

I am sad that as this year progresses he won't be there to help celebrate the "big moments" but I know he would be proud. He knew the road it took to get where I am today. When the road looked bleak as I looked for a teaching job he told me not to worry I would have one. A month after he passed I got that teaching job. He would be proud that I took a stand and ended a bad marriage and lifted my head up and continued on to find the love like he had for my mother. He would have been the loudest "Way to go!" if he could have been there last Friday and in June he would have proudly walked me down the aisle as I marry a man that he would definitely approve of. But...he is missing these "big moments" and I miss him.

It is a struggle not to cry as I think of him not being here but I am blessed that one day I will see him again. Dad, I know your watching and thanks for being their for all my "big moments". Besides you have the best view! :o)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wicked or Not?

Okay, so last Sunday I was sitting in the basement of my future inlaws when my future 13 year old stepson sits down in a chair, leans back, and hits his head on the edge of a countertop! I know..."OUCH!" However, as I remain calm as he jumps up, picks up a plastic hanger, and throws it as hard as he can on the floor splintering it into many pieces. Then proceeds to do this again. I was totally shocked by his reaction. I then asked him, calmly of course, was he okay? He then yelled at me! He felt I didn't care because I was the calm in the midst of his storm. I understand hurting yourself but his reaction was one of a person on fire that would end up with third degree burns. So, am I the wicked stepmother for being so calm?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Talk About Changes

After reading a very good friend of mines blog I thought I would try my own. I chose the name The Next Stage because at this time in my life I am moving on to the next stage. I have been single for so long and now I am getting married in June. Don't get me wrong I am extremely excited but it is a life changing experience.

I met Todd through an Internet dating service. We were matched up last June and began emailing right after my car accident in July. I admit I wasn't sure at first. You see...Todd is a guy who loves sports and loves to hunt. I am a girl who likes spas and getting her nails done. Todd is laid back and quiet, I am a planner and not so quiet. The good news is that opposites do attract. It was in September when Todd and I finally met. I knew I liked him instantly and hoped that his son and him liked me. Yes, not only am I getting married but I become a parent. Todd and I continued to date and on December 21st he proposed. Now I am in the midst of planning a wedding, completing my masters, becoming a wife and mother, and looking at buying my first home. Talk about changes!

So, the stage is set for my next journey in life...good-bye single girl life...I welcome the next stage...