Sunday, July 22, 2012

Faith Through the Eyes of a Child what the pastor spoke on this morning. Asking others for prayer or praying for yourself can make a huge difference. Growing up in a charismatic/pentecostal church, I grew up believing that the God in the Bible was still performing miracles and answering prayer today. However, sometimes that faith wavers when the answer isn't what you want it to be.
When I miscarried last summer I asked God why didn't He heal the baby. I knew in my heart of hearts He could perform such a miracle. My faith wavered. As we have continued to try and have a little one, God has yet to bless us. My faith has wavered. When my husband lost his job and had to take one with half the pay making it harder to pay the bills, my faith wavered. Now, we are waiting to hear about a new job that would make life much more easier, I struggle not to see the past. I am praying hard for my faith not to waiver if the answer is no.
As I listened to the sermon this morning I was reminded of a time of prayer in my life. It was at a church skate night. My parents, brother, sister-in-law, and their two little ones were there enjoying the fellowship, as well as myself. I was skating around when my feet went out from under me and down I went doing the splits the first time ever. As I lay there in pain the one thing I remember is my three year old nephew "M", who is now fourteen, came running over and literally laid himself on my leg and started praying. Oh the faith he had at such a tender age. He just knew Jesus would take care of his "Ooh Ooh" (me).

I think that God was telling me not to waver in my faith and to trust in Him to take care of everything. As hard as it is to let go and let God, I need to have faith just like my nephew.