Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wicked or Not?

Okay, so last Sunday I was sitting in the basement of my future inlaws when my future 13 year old stepson sits down in a chair, leans back, and hits his head on the edge of a countertop! I know..."OUCH!" However, as I remain calm as he jumps up, picks up a plastic hanger, and throws it as hard as he can on the floor splintering it into many pieces. Then proceeds to do this again. I was totally shocked by his reaction. I then asked him, calmly of course, was he okay? He then yelled at me! He felt I didn't care because I was the calm in the midst of his storm. I understand hurting yourself but his reaction was one of a person on fire that would end up with third degree burns. So, am I the wicked stepmother for being so calm?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Talk About Changes

After reading a very good friend of mines blog I thought I would try my own. I chose the name The Next Stage because at this time in my life I am moving on to the next stage. I have been single for so long and now I am getting married in June. Don't get me wrong I am extremely excited but it is a life changing experience.

I met Todd through an Internet dating service. We were matched up last June and began emailing right after my car accident in July. I admit I wasn't sure at first. You see...Todd is a guy who loves sports and loves to hunt. I am a girl who likes spas and getting her nails done. Todd is laid back and quiet, I am a planner and not so quiet. The good news is that opposites do attract. It was in September when Todd and I finally met. I knew I liked him instantly and hoped that his son and him liked me. Yes, not only am I getting married but I become a parent. Todd and I continued to date and on December 21st he proposed. Now I am in the midst of planning a wedding, completing my masters, becoming a wife and mother, and looking at buying my first home. Talk about changes!

So, the stage is set for my next journey in life...good-bye single girl life...I welcome the next stage...