Monday, May 10, 2010

Stepmom Responsibilities

As a stepmother is it really my place to ask my stepson's mom for more money to support her son so that he can play his summer sports?

As a stepmother is it my responsibility to take pictures of all sporting events?

As a stepmother is it my place to make sure my stepson is keeping up in school?

I have only been married to my husband less than a year and I love him and my stepson dearly and I do everything for them both. I gave up massages, shopping for myself, and getting my nails done so my stepson could play baseball, archery, and golf. I realize that parents sacrifice and I have no problem with that except his mother gives up hardly anything. It is frustrating sometimes. I know she loves her son with all her heart but the financial responsibility should be spread out.

I am the stepmother, I know my place because my stepson has put me there when he asked why my own mother sent me a Mother's Day card and I have no children. But what are my responsibilities?