Thursday, April 7, 2011

Changes...A Never Ending Revolving Door

The past few months have been a never ending revolving door of changes. This is why I haven't written in awhile. First change...we moved. We moved for many reasons and I hate where we moved too. The house has many problems including a landlord who is non flexible in taking care of a home. Change number 2...I'm pregnant! This is a change that Hunny Bunny and I are happy about. Two months along and (knock on wood) no morning sickness! Now we just leave it in God's hands and pray for a healthy little one. Change three... Hunny Bunny's contract was not renewed for another school year. I am the worrier of the two of us especially with a baby on the way. Now he is on the job hunt and isn't even sure he wants to continue teaching. They say that when God closes one door he opens another one. What if it is continually revolving?