Monday, December 27, 2010

Her Favorite Time of Year

The halls are not decked this year. Christmas trees are missing in all the rooms. Stockings are not hung with care. Fried turkey not cooked. Baking not done. Gifts not bought or wrapped. Cards not mailed. Chocolate covered cherries were not eaten the day after Thanksgiving so to open up the Christmas season. We did not sing our duet of "Winter Wonderland".

When asked what she wanted for Christmas, my eleven year old niece replied, "Peace of mind and Grammie back."

My step sister commented after her side of the family gathering, "This was fun, but there is something really wrong with this picture. We should be over at the house Patti picked out watching her have a blast entertaining everyone."

This year was a quiet Christmas. No going over to my Mama's after breakfast. She loved this time of year. It was her favorite. The house was always decorated from top to bottom. A tree in every room she could place one and of course I played her elf and helped decorate everyone of them.

Even though I know she is celebrating at Our Savior's house this year along with Daddy she is missed. Christmas isn't the same. Daddy may have been the foundation of our family but Mama was the glue. This was the year we were suppose to all be at her house celebrating Christmas instead, we were all separated. I'm in full agreement with my niece, "I want Grammie under the tree this year."

Our family Christmas photo about 10 years ago. Grammie and Papa are reading Christmas stories.

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