Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Time To Grow Up

You would think being on spring break that it would be relaxing and rejuvenating. It all started with a trip to my husbands hometown. Most of it was spent visiting his family and friends but apparently one of my team members thought it was the perfect time to come up with a plan.

You see, we have been having some issues at work. Mostly from a small group but it affects the whole school. We have a group of three coming up the grade levels which means one teacher is going to have to move for a year. Next year this group hits my grade level and one of us will have to move two grade levels down. This is a serious issue because two of the teachers have been there longer but me and another teacher have technology based classrooms. This is a dilemma. Rumor has it I and my partner will be staying so the other two have made this year very uncomfortable.

Her plan was to move one of us one grade below, departmentalize everyone, and make the principal move the fourth grade job share to third. This plan come on the heel of the plan she made about me and my partner both moving two grade levels below (she did this in secret). I don't know why she can't just put the students first and stop making enemies of her coworkers. She even had the audacity to tell me and my partner that she had more experience, tenure, a masters degree, etc... basically she attacked our teaching.

I wrote her a professional email telling her I would not be a part of a plan that does not put students needs first, plans my coworkers teaching careers, and she could quit looking at this like a competition. Even though I teach elementary sometimes my coworker acts like a toddler always wanting its way.


  1. Yikes! I don't envy you in this situation. Does your principal know how she is behaving? If so, what does she/he say?

  2. Yes, my principal is very aware because this teacher has gone after her as well. The principal just tells the rest of us to rise above and remember the reason we are all here and that is because of the students.