Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Bittersweet is my current emotion. This past weekend my stepfather remarried. My brain knew this was coming but my heart threw me for a loop. My Mama passed away almost two years ago and they were only married for three years before she passed but I felt sad that he moved on.
When my Daddy passed away my Mama mourned for several years and I knew she missed him.

When Papa C came into her life I never felt that he was taking my daddy's place but just taking us on as his kids too. He married my Mama barely a year after he lost his first wife and he is a man who needs to be married. I always wondered if his children thought that was too soon. Did they think that he had forgotten their mama? I'm sure he didn't since he was married to her over thirty years. But he was only married to my Mama for three and I feel as though she is a forgotten memory to him. I knew things would change but I didn't think I would be upset about him remarrying.

Don't get me wrong, Papa C married a wonderful woman. I even knew her before he did because we worked together at one time. My hubby and I even had dinner with them a few months back. But when he posted on his facebook that he married the love of his life it shook me up. Then of course I tortured myself and looked at the pictures too and all I could think about was Mama's wedding to Papa C.

Maybe I feel the way I do because I miss Mama and Daddy so much and most of my family is living so far away. Maybe I just want the family together like Papa C's family was this past weekend. Maybe...just maybe...

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  1. I'm sorry. I can only imagine how you must feel, and I'm so sorry for your loss.