Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Missing the Closeness of Family

Last night, I dreamed about my dad.  It felt so real and it was good to see him.  The dream also made me realize how much I miss my family.  With both of my parents gone, all I have left are my two brothers and their families. The oldest brother lives about 30 minutes away but I hardly ever see him or his family.  His kids are grown and moving on to college and serious relationships.  He also suffers from severe depression and sometimes it is hard to be around him since I know I am prone to this ailment too.

My other brother is closer in age to me but lives three time zones behind me in Hawaii.  I haven't seen him or his family since 6 months after our mama passed. I have watched his children grow into teenagers and tweens through facebook and skype.  I would love to visit them but financially we are unable to fly to Hawaii.   When they do come stateside for their next military placement, his oldest will be old enough to drive. 

Having all this free time being off for the summer just makes me miss them all the more.  Now I know how my aging grandmother probably feels when her grandchildren live so close and don't make a point to go and see her.  So, I think this week I will make the trip down to see her just to get a bit of a family fix. Maybe my niece will go with me?

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