Friday, July 3, 2009

The Let Down

Think back to a Christmas in your life that you wanted something so much. You just knew that if you got it you would be extremely happy and everything in the world would be right. Then Christmas came and as you opened each of those gifts searching and hoping for this gift that you had longed for you found it! Oh the excitement, oh the joy, all was right in the world. Until you play with it or put it together and realize it was not as you expected. You go from a super high to a sad low. We've all been there.

As this past 6 months have gone by so much has been accomplished. The final products completed. I completed my masters degree and the wedding is over. Summer has actually begun for me and so has the "let down". My high is gone and my body weary. Don't get me wrong...I am glad to have completed my degree and I am married to an amazing man but the constant going, going, is now gone. I had a bitter sweet relationship with the "high" I was on but I miss it. Some people would wish, beg, and plead for this down time but me...I get a bit bored. Is it sad that I miss being busy all the time?

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