Friday, August 7, 2009

Your not my mother card

Lately we have been trying to adjust as a newly formed family. It hasn't been easy. At least not for me and my stepson. We made the decision to move out of the 2 bedroom/1 1/2 bath townhouse into a 3 bedroom/2 bath home so that we could all have a little more space to breath. It was mostly my decision because I could feel the tension mounting in that small townhouse.
So as we're unpacking and settling into the new house feelings are rising and my step son is acting out. He doesn't want to do anything I ask of him and yes he pulled out the "Your not my mother" card. My response to him was "No, I am not your mother. I don't want to be your mother because you have one. However, I am your stepmother and an adult and you will be respectful of me." I am hoping that my response was correct because it is how I feel.
How would you have handled the situation in my shoes?

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