Monday, September 20, 2010

Ribbons ~ Daughter of a Hoarder

I have a love/hate relationship with ribbon...any ribbon. In the past few days I have seen hundreds of rolls of ribbon. Who needs all that ribbon!!!!! Apparently my mama thought she needed ribbon. She would use it to decorate a gift for someone to decorating her home at Christmas (her favorite holiday).

However, her love of ribbon has been my nemesis. My mama passed away a little over a week ago and all I want to do now is open up her grave and through the hundreds of rolls of ribbon that she hoarded in the casket with her. Every time it seems we have found the last roll another pops up in the strangest place. This is not the legacy I wanted.

Not only are their rolls upon rolls of ribbon there are several tubs of greenery, tulle, and candles. My mother could throw the wedding of a lifetime! To walk into my mothers gorgeous 1800's Victorian home (over 3ooo sq ft) you would never know that she had all this crap. In a smaller home it would fill it up to capacity and then some. So even though my mother would never admit it she was a hoarder.

So I have decided that if you ever receive a gift for me don't look for a ribbon and when Christmas comes...I think you get what I am trying to say.

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  1. Oh, I am so sorry you lost your mother. I cannot imagine the sadness you must feel. I am glad you have the tons of ribbon, though, because...I am sure the volume of it alone can bring a smile to your face. I'd definitely pass out all of that ribbon at Christmas! Your mom would probably have loved that. :)