Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Mama!

Today is my Mama's birthday. This is the first of many that will be celebrated in Heaven. She is getting the best gift ever...sitting at the feet of Jesus. August 18th, however, marks a sadness here on earth. I think this day is the hardest for me because last year we had her over for dinner and cake at our house. It was a great time of fellowship. I picture her sitting on the floor of my living room playing with the dog she just received from my stepdad surrounded by her children, grandchildren, and sister.

This year my family is going to the Olive Garden. For birthdays we always seemed to end up there so in honor of Mama's birthday that is where dinner will be on August 18th. My brother's family in Hawaii is baking her a cake in remembrance of this day. I wish with all my heart I could be with them to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Mama! We miss and love you!

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  1. I miss her too! Wish we could all be together to take a time out just to talk and tell stories about her. I couldn't of asked or even imagined a greater mom-in-law or best friend.