Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Confessionals ~ Roller Coaster of Emotions

I confess... this has been a very emotional week.
I confess... seeing the two pregnant teachers at my school made me burst into tears in front of them.
I confess... that talking to them helped my heart to start healing. They both had wanted to talk to me too to make sure I was okay.
I confess... I was so busy on the phone that I passed the road to my stepson's school this morning and almost took him to work with me.
I confess... my frustration level with my team teachers was about to be explosive during the training today. It's really hard to train people when they can't shut their mouths long enough to listen!
I confess... my grief is still strong over the loss of my mama and the baby. See first confession.
I confess... I am extremely proud of my brother, who is a chaplain in the Navy. He had an article written about him in the AGTS Rapport and he was promoted to lieutenant commander.
I confess... I am nervous to see what class I get this year. Sure would like a great crop of kids this year.
I confess... that I am praying for an emotional healing.
I confess... that lately the footprints in the sand are not mine but the One who is carrying me.

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  1. I confess when I got a letter in my cubby to join the baby pool for the due dates of two pregnant teachers in my school I squished it into a small ball and threw it away.
    I confess that I smile when I see you have updated your blog =)
    Thinking of you always ! Join that facebook page in An Angels Name best think I have ever done.