Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Blessings and the Downfalls

Sitting here listening to the rain pound on the roof of the house I begin to reflect on this past week. So much has happened both good and bad and many lessons have been learned. So I begin...

The week started with promise, so much promise.

  • My husband finally had a day off and all we did was spend it together! We went and had lunch at a nice Mexican restaurant and then went to the three dollar theatre and chose to see two movies. We so needed that time together.

  • I actually mailed my nieces birthday cards on time for their 9th birthday. And one of the highlights was getting to skype them to hear all about their birthdays.

  • Greeting my students at the door each morning is a highlight of my day. I laugh when they try to sneak by me and see if I catch it to tell them good morning.

  • Scheduled many activities for my students to learn this week, from cooking rice and talking about cultures to playing Sink or Save to review for a test. Then we play on Fridays, What's the Best Part of Your Week. They love it!

Then the walls came a tumblin down...

  • The tension at work can't be cut even with a knife. And me... I was told I could no longer be in no man's land. Take a stand is what I was told. You see, part of my grade level team is negative on the professional learning that is going on at school. I don't agree with them but I can see their point. This has resulted in people who I felt where my friends no longer wanting to speak with me except in passing. I was told I lost their trust and they felt I was siding with my teammates. I just want to be there for my students. I love teaching but hate the politics. I want to be the best I can be for my students and if that takes a few extra hours a week then so be it. The loss of these close relationships though hurts my heart to the core.

  • Friday brought news of sadness. My Maltese, Harmony, has fallen ill. Dehydration, some kidney dysfunction, and congestive heart failure. I have had her since she was 6 months old (she is now 14 years), a gift from my now deceased parents. The vet has given her about 6 months. My heart is grieving for this upcoming loss.

As a dear friend said to me, just yesterday, God must really like me because He's given me all this and believes I can handle it. I'm not to sure I'm this strong so I asked Him to wrap me in his arms for awhile and help me through not only the blessings but the downfalls as well.

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  1. Sounds great a day with the husband! What movies did you see? My husband and I have always wanted to see do that. This summer we were saying you should be able to buy day passes for movies and see more than one.
    I hate work drama. Especially when there is personal stuff going on it feels like you can't escape the stress. I like to work with kids and help them grow and learn other than that leave me alone.
    Think of you often glad you posted life gets way too busy!