Friday, September 2, 2011

A Little Prayer Goes Along Way

I confess I have found my days going much smoother this week. Inspired by a friend of mine who has been seeking a relationship with God I have renewed my prayer life. After I drop my stepson off for school I find myself praying for those closest in my life starting with him, then moving on to those in my family, followed by my friends and then my coworkers. I then take a moment to name each of my students and lift them up to God.

This takes me back to a conversation my mama and I had before she passed. We were talking about ministry and she felt mine was in music. I won't deny that God has allowed for me to sing for his glory but I feel my ministry lies with my students. This week proved it. One little girl came up to me and asked me if I was a christian and because she opened the door for this conversation I was allowed to answer with a yes. I also play praise music in my classroom and received an email from a parent telling me her daughter told her I was playing a christian station in my room. At first I was a bit afraid until this parent said she was so happy to hear that I was playing the praise music. All I can say this is the power of prayer.

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