Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where Is My Muse?

The other day I came upon the show "Charmed". In the short time that I watched, the sisters were inspired by a muse that they were trying to protect. Their adrenaline was high and the creativity was overflowing. Then at a seconds notice their muse was whisked away by the bad guys and a funk entered the room. The sister's spirits were low and depressing until the husband of one of the sisters said they didn't need a muse to be inspired but to dig down deep into themselves to find their inspiration. Of course, they eventually did find their "inner muse" and save the day.

As the school year approaches I am finding it very difficult to find my "inner muse". I love teaching but cannot seem to form an idea or theme for my classroom this year. Or if I decide on a theme I am unispired on how to make it happen.

I walk into my teaching partners room and am absolutely in love with her room and how it will inspire her students. Maybe I should borrow her inner muse? If you find my "inner muse" please send him or her back to me so that I may complete my room so that I in turn can inspire the young minds that will enter my room this year.

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