Saturday, July 10, 2010

Best Birthday Gift Ever

So on the morning of my birthday (July 4th) I awoke to my husband of one year handing me two cards. One was from him and the other from my stepson "T".

The first card is from my husband, who is a nonstop jester, happened to be serious and sweet. This was unusual for him but a nice surprise for me since he could have taken me turning 40 to the next level.

But the second card is what caught my attention. When I married Hunny Bunny it was a two for one deal (by the way "T" was 13 when HB and I married). I was good with that. "T" lives with us all year long and visits his mom (which I am proud to say we get along great) . "T" has always let me know that I am not his mother. I am okay with that. But I was touched that even though his card poked seriously at my age it is how he signed it that brought me to tears. It made my day and in my heart it was the best birthday gift that a stepchild could give his stepparent.


  1. You didn't tell me he gave you that!! TOO sweet!

  2. I wish we had a Braum's here! I really appreciate that you loved what I wrote AND plan to share it with your friends! It makes me want to do split leaps while playing the tambourine. :)